• Visit the excavations of Pompeii

    The visit to the ruins of Pompeii requires an adequate time: we have to imagine to go into a real town where, somehow, everything is interesting. In Pompeii we are in a context where everything tells us something, everything is original, everything is authentic. Of course, a visit to the Forum, the monuments, the most

  • The Sanctuary of the Madonna di Pompei

    The story of the sanctuary is connected to the history of Blessed Bartolo Longo, founder, and finder of the image of the Madonna, which has become the symbol of the cult and for its renowned miraculous. The sanctuary was built thanks to the offerings made by devotees from all over the world. Construction began on

  • The house in Pompeii

    Great part of the city of Pompeii consists of private houses, so you can see in detail all kinds of Roman houses that made up the residence of Pompeian and representing not only different classes (rich homes and houses for common people), but also different building types built across the time that are very different.

  • The entertainment in Pompeii

    In Pompeii you lived well: there were some opportunities for fun and entertainment,as the shows with gladiators. Gladiators The wealthiest citizens, seeking consensus for political office, organized the ludi, the games, which were those of the Circus (ie chariot races like in the movie Ben Hur), or the theater, or in the Amphitheatre, which was