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Technology and Innovation at the service of Culture and Tourism

Archeo Tour srl was founded in July 2012 in Ragusa and operates in the field of culture and tourism, particularly in the enhancement of cultural heritage with innovation and creativity to develop tourism through technology.

The company aim is to design and improve the use of tools for content spread that can catapult the viewer into the story and made the sensory experience immersive thanks to the three-dimensional technology.

The skills acquired in the reconstruction in Computer Graphics and historical and cultural knowledge, meticulously depth through studies and collaborations with archaeological experts, make possible the representation of archaeological sites belonging to civilizations that have disappeared and the realization of digital theaters in 3D and virtual holographic projectionsholograms.


It 'a visionary project that combines love for cultural heritage with the expertise and passion for technology, a project that promotes the best of Italian culture for tourism with a view to development, progress, change.

— Gianni Campo

Archeotour Srl - Awards and Recognition

  • International Conference "Cultural Heritage and new Technologies"

    Wien from 11st to 13rd November 2013
    Best Video Award per “Siracusa 3D Reborn”

  • "DOCSCIENT 2014" Price - International Scienific Film Festival 2014

    Category Animation

    Grand Jury Prize Students
    Best Scentific Documentary 

    “For the excellence of technical content, scientific and narrative, and the ability to allow the public to relive environments of the past through a great mastery of the latest graphics technologies”