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Pompei 3D is an amazing experience and a great chance to visit the ancient Pompeii, experience where we will dive into the life of the city before the catastrophe and you will live the terrible moments of the eruption in the company of Abalo, a character who lived in the beautiful Villa of the Mysteries and who possessed a mysterious and original medallion, actually discovered and now kept at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples.

The film, lasting 30 minutes, will be shown in a theater located at a short distance from the archaeological site and will tell the story of the city of Pompeii and the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD that destroyed it completely.

Inside the virtual theater, whose screen has the dimensions of over 5m wide and 3m high, a series of high-brightness projectors will project the movie 3D, allowing the viewer to navigate inside the historic buildings reconstructed virtually.

The tourists and school groups will experience a unique emotion and, thanks to the extraordinary quality of the Computer Graphics and advanced projection technology and sound reproduction, they will realize how the city really was and discover the main monuments of Pompeii.
A sophisticated audio system allows the simultaneous use of 8 different languages, namely Italian, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Chinese, making possible the presence in the room of tourists of different nationalities.
The theater, containing 70 seats will be open from April to October, 7 days out of 7, and the movie “Pompeii 3D, a Buried History” will be screened with a continuous programming, so that a high number of visitors.

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